How To Register Smart Sim Unli Data?

Signing up for Smart SIM Unli Data is really easy and smooth for anyone who understands how to use such technology. Below are the easiest ways in which you can access unlimited data bundle on your Smart SIM card.

Put the SIM in:

See to it that your Smart SIM is correctly positioned within your mobile device.

Smart Sim Unli Data

Type the Code:

Go to your phone’s dialer and dial *123#. Press the call button to enter the Smart menu.

Go Through the Menu:

Check out the “Unli Data” offers under the menu. Choose your favourite data package as you follow the prompts provided.

Confirm Subscription:

Choose a package so as to confirm your subscription. If your registration is successful, there will be a confirmation message for you.

Get Unlimited Data:

Start enjoying unlimited data services once you have confirmed.

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