How Long Does Smart SIM Expire?

Smart Communication’s services allow a user to understand when the last date of SIM card expiry occurs so that the usage of the particular services are not halted in one way or the other. Find this information below:

Expiration Period:

The smart SIM cards are normally put off after 120 days of inactivity in most of the instances. This include; not loading airtime of making any calls , sending texts, or using data with the same sim within the same period and others being that the sim card is deactivated.

Smart SIM Expire

Keeping Your SIM Active:

Regular Usage:

Your regular use implies calling, texting or just using data in any way you need.

Load Credits:

This way, you can break your SIM card activity for a while and subsequently recharge it more often, hence the inactivity timer will be reset.

Check Expiration:

To check the status of the SIM card, you have to dial the number *123# then select account balance.

Reactivation Process:

If a person has allowed his or her SIM to expire, he or she has the option of retrial within a few days. Discuss with Smart’s support desk option on how to go about reactivation.

If you adhere to the above mentioned points and suggestions then your Smart SIM will remain active and efficient and they would continue serving you. It is important for incoming supply smart SIM should not have a short expiration period.

Here are few highlights on how to ensure your SIM stays active. Follow us to be up to date on important advice and information.

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